How would you like to learn cool maker skills like Arduino microcontrollers, mechanics and papercraft, and make an awesome animatronic puppet in the process?

The StarBot animatronic platform kit teaches mechanical skills and inspires creativity in makers of all ages. A completed StarBot has eyes that move left and right and a mouth that opens and closes. What’s amazing is that even with these few simple movements, your animatronic puppet can be surprisingly expressive. Your StarBot kit can do everything you saw Frantik do in the video (except — we hope! — catch on fire….)

Imagine all the great ways you can enjoy your StarBot:  

• Build the kit and learn the skills needed to complete and control your StarBot.

• Express your creativity by making a unique head and face out of paper or other light weight materials. Use one of our pre-made cut-outs or make your own. Your imagination is your only limitation!

• Control StarBot in real time like a puppet, or record and play back movements like the animatronics you’ve seen in theme park attractions.

• Unleash your inner superstar by using your StarBot as an actor or singer, and become the next viral video on YouTube!

Are you a maker, or a mini-maker?

- StarBot is fun and easy to build. Your StarBot doesn’t need a paper skin to do a whole lot of cool things. The smooth acrylic shapes and moving parts are fascinating to watch.  You’ll be the center of attention as you demonstrate your StarBot and explain how it works.

Are you a teacher?

- The “maker” movement is gaining momentum all over the country as a way to get kids interested in how things work.  Use StarBots to teach STEM / STEAM concepts in the classroom and as a stepping stone to more advanced robotics and engineering projects. StarBot is currently being used to teach the popular “Intro to Arduino and Animatronics” class at the Orlando Science Center in Florida.

Are you a puppeteer?

- StarBot can take your puppeteering hobby to the next level.  Use one StarBot to complement your existing cast of traditional puppets or marionettes, or build a whole troupe of StarBots for a whole new kind of show.

Are you an aspiring writer, playwright or filmmaker? 

- StarBot can be your comedy platform, your voice, or even your nemesis! Write funny scripts, record them, and create videos to build a portfolio and become a YouTube sensation.

Are you a hacker?

- When is a puppet more than a puppet?  When you dig into the Arduino and add sensors and switches to create a monster!  Add a microphone and program your StarBot to be voice-actuated.  Add a motion sensor and StarBot becomes a Halloween prop that will scare the sugar out of trick-or-treaters.  The possibilities are endless!