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Pirate Jack eats Davey Jones Pie! (Leap Puppet Demo)

This is another demo I did for Pi Day. Pirate Jack has Davey Jones Pie, and without it he cannot eat. (Funny)

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Leap Motion Controlled Interactive Starbot Puppet

I wanted to see if I could get good results from a Leap Motion Controller using Processing, an Arduino and a Starbot. I think this came out pretty good, and has good hand to starbot motion. People who tried it

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Teaching Animatronic Workshops at Otronicon at The Orlando Science Center

Nothing captures our curiosity more than the future, and nothing captures the future better than Otronicon. Teaching “Intro To Animatronics” Workshops for this four day event was fun for all. It was exciting to see the students realize they could

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Orlando Business Journal

Thank you Abe and Jim from the Orlando Business Journal for the awesome Animatronicshop StarBot Cover story.

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from The We’re proud to say that we managed to deliver almost all of the StarBots that were promised for the Holidays. ~Pat

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Kickstarter SUCCESS!!!

We were a Kickstarter Success! I’d like to thank all the supporters for making this possible.┬áNow, it’s time to get hard at work so you can have your Human Kits in time for the Holidays Thank you again, ~Pat  

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Welcome to Pat’s New Blog!

I hope you enjoy your visit to Pat’s New Blog. I plan on doing everything I can to help you out.

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